Ascent of Sado

Practically the entire river route between Setúbal and Alcácer do Sal takes place in the heart of the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, one of the most spectacular protected areas in our country, not only because of its characteristic, unspoiled natural landscape, but also for all its rich heritage, from the outset the natural, but also the historical, archaeological, cultural, economic, etc.

The passage along the Roman Ruins of Tróia, Canal da Carrasqueira, Ilha do Cavalo (Herdade do Pinheiro), stilt pier in Abul with an explanation of the Phoenician Feitoria existing on the site (impossible to visit), passage along salt marshes and rice fields stands out on this route. , the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve is one of the best places for bird watching, so we will provide binoculars for this purpose that will be accompanied by a guide.

The entire route will be accompanied by a guide who will explain the most relevant aspects of the tour and the description of the different points of interest mentioned and develop some themes such as those related to traditional boats, salt, human occupation, natural heritage, birds, etc. .
Boarding time will be arranged according to the tides on that day.

Localização: Setúbal, Lisboa

Idade mínima: No minimum age